Simon Levene


Whopper Blackout is finally released

I am genuinely so excited to be able to share with you a fake doc I recently shot for the French advertising agency Buzzman

The whole project has been an amazing experience. I could bang on but why not watch the film? Its 6 and a half minutes which I'll give you is a tad long for a TVC - however this is something I am very proud of.

Because of the extra difficulties of directing in French this is one of my greatest achievements. One of my very few great achievements. Ok, let me rephrase that again, this film is perhaps one of my very few achievements of any kind in a long and undistinguished film career.

Actually giving it one last go, this could actually be my only genuine achievement at all. In my entire life. These 6 and a half minutes are it.

But if there was to be only one act, if the total extent of my creative contribution to the entire planet lasts a solitary 6 and a half minutes, let it be these.

Also, if I haven't helped make any steps towards creating a kinder more tolerant society or helped draw attention to climate change, all I can say is I am genuinely sorry. Really. I could have done a bit more.

Vive La France.