Simon Levene




Hello all. It's been a while since I updated you. It has been a busy time and yet sadly I've lost a few pitches. The UK health board have been looking to recruit a director to bring to life their latest project "a visual guide to urinary infections". Sadly they didn't go for my ice musical route, which is a real shame.

Nevertheless I have been working for the last few months on several films for The Royal Mail & M&C Saatchi. It feels like the Sistine chapel was completed in a more prompt fashion. The projects themselves were really fun, if time consuming in completion, and I hope to show you something soon.

The film I have been making on the world famous prankster, Fabrice Le Someil is taking shape and you will soon be familiarised with the masked man and his exploits.

I am also off to Perth on Sunday for 3 weeks on a commission for Road Safety for Australia...and then there's a few more in the pipeline.

So, speak soon and I can only wonder how a 'visual guide to urinary infections' will turn out. I am gutted to not be involved but good luck to the other director that came up with the concept to perform it as a Rockumentary. Now thats a good idea.