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Love you Mum image

Love you Mum

"Mum, I've been really busy. I know….it's been months. I'm so sorry".

Not updating your website is rather like not updating your Mother on what's been going on.

The pain. The guilt. I promise I won't let this happen again. From now on I'll write proper updates. Not just bullet point notes. Actual sentences. But for now this is what I've been up to for the last 4-5 months:

  1. Wrote a screenplay.
  2. Fell in love.
  3. Bought a place.
  4. Meetings on feature films.
  5. Pitching on TV commercials.
  6. Shooting TV commercials.

As far as Mum goes, I'll be swinging by at the weekend to mow the lawn. If anyone else is feeling neglected I'll come round and mow your lawn too. Tweet me.