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Listen to your legs

So, I recently posted THIS AD I shot for STORY, an Edinburgh based agency. The creative director was GUY VICKERSTAFF (AD) supported by (CW) Rebecca McFarland. The production was handled by MTP productions.
It is for the Scottish government and it encourages people to ditch cars for short journeys and instead use their legs.

Firstly, I'm really happy with the results. If you checkout the ad, the styling for the film can be described somewhere between the photographs of John Hinde and the eye of Wes Anderson, specifically from his latest film "Moonlight Kingdom".

However, the shoot was incredibly demanding (Directors always say that, mind you) However, we had terrible snow issues and extra shoot days. There are a hell of a lot of sky replacements and SFX in place. The effects were completed at FINISH in London. Finish were, as ever, brilliant.

Steve Murgatroyd attended the shoot. Jason Watts conducted the flame work. Paul Harrison the TK. The job would never ever have looked as good without them.

Almost every shot includes actors dragged by wires that had to be painted out. There are also echoes of the great TRAKTOR VIDEO FOR FATBOY SLIM in our little film.

Checkout the link to see more of FINISH's work. Or STORY'S or MTP'S for that matter.