(Spoiler alert: anything you read below is purely for entertainment purposes only. I mention this because a frightening amount of people actually believed this ridiculous biog to be genuine. It isn't.)

Look at me. I'm a film director. A serious one. My day job is directing TV commercials, I have made award winning shorts and have several feature film projects on the go. 

I have been called "probably the best film director in the world named Simon Levene".

"But what makes you different from the thousands of other film directors with websites exactly like this?" I hear you ask.

I sing Opera. I am extremely blessed to have a voice that extends up to a high C. I have sang at such venues as La Scala in Milan, the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, and the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. I was also the leading tenor of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City for 5 consecutive seasons.

My singing always keeps a film crew upbeat. I believe an upbeat film crew works faster and more efficiently thus delivering better results.

(Please remember this is a joke. Irrespective of how good the picture is I am NOT actually an Opera singer. I cannot sing on set and I am not for hire. Thank you.)

Simon Levene